Have you seen a beautiful video, where a stunning panorama of ocean waves, mountains and fields are shown from the high distance? It’s just like a scene in a movie. But this is not Hollywood magic. The spectacular footage was shot, not by a film crew in a helicopter, but with an aircraft, called drone. Essentially, a drone is a flying robot, but this simple looking machine is not just a toy father and a son playing in the backyard – it can be a powerful tool in your business marketing process. Nowadays, it’s pretty clear why every business that wants to be a success needs a video content, but in case you need a reminder, here it is:

Video gives you the opportunity to interact with your customers by allowing them to get to know you and your business, and feel comfortable with you. This is especially important for small, local businesses. There are a couple of major reasons why you should get a business video for your company-

Increase Conversion Rates- Oh yes, according to recent studies 85 percent of people are more likely to buy a product once they see an accompanying explainer video
Generate Increased Interest- over 70 percent of Internet users watch videos online, and over 50 percent of the population will watch videos this year!
Increase Web Traffic- A catchy video will lead viewers to your website…and to your door
I can give you a dozen more reasons why you should get a commercial video, but I can’t give you a reason why not. Most of business who do not invest in video marketing are doing it because of the high costs of production. Unfortunately, it’s true – you will pay anywhere from $10,000 to your marketing company just to create a 3 minute high quality explanatory video and twice more for a TV style commercial. Why? Well, the cost of cameras, light and sound, professional crew adds up quickly and turns your project into a money burning fire. Drone videos are becoming a great solution for small and medium size businesses who still want to be ahead of the game without breaking a bank. Beautiful and Unique image will capture your customers attention and hold it for a whole video duration. Drone can shoot not just from heights, but from any distance you would like- so it will provide you with any result you are looking for. Even if you are still hunting for that top notch video, combining regular camera, sound and drone will give you that quality while cutting the cost in half. Well, the new era of video making has arrived… its only up to you now, if you are in or out.

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