Seasonal Business Promotion– Its raining Clients!
The summer is gone and lots of businesses are getting ready to close until next hot season, while other ones are just preparing to open their doors.
Seasonal business sometimes can be a struggle, especially, if its the main source of your income. How to promote your company all year round and get
the most out of it during your season? Let’s talk about Seasonal Business Promotion Today.
Build Up Online Audience
Make sure your website has plenty of calls-to-action (CTAs) for people to stay in touch with you by subscribing to an email list or a blog,
and even some offers that they can redeem for staying a loyal customer of yours, off-season or not. Some ideal places for these CTAs are your
blog, your homepage, your product/service pages, your resource center, and in your social profiles. Remember, growing this list is so
much easier when you have plenty of traffic, so while it may seem daunting to add database growth to your ever-expanding list of peak season
to-dos, your off-season success hinges on your productivity during this time.
Get Testimonials- Great Business Promotion Tip
During your entire season, but particularly as your season comes to an end (and heck, even after it has wrapped up entirely),
you should be asking your customers to review your products or services. By gathering customer stories and testimonials
when they’re still fresh, you’ll have reviews that are more detailed and personal that’ll resonate with off-season readers.
Content Is The King…Remember?
Off-season or not, it’s still incumbent on you to produce remarkable content.
But if you’re an off-season marketer, try to find a way to do it with an appropriate off-season twist.
For instance, let’s say you run a berry farm. Winter months could be tough. But that doesn’t mean you can’t still create
compelling content that will speak to your target persona!
Stay Social!
Your customers don’t vaporize during the off-season. It’s important to stay in contact with leads and past customers throughout the entire year.
Consider social media your virtual, year-round storefront — because even if your audience isn’t chillin’ outside your store
or visiting your website, they are certainly perusing their social media feeds! That means your business should consider leveraging Facebook,
Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, the whoooole shebang to stay top of mind year-round.
Other thins you can do…. Business Promotion TIPS
Send e-newsletters. Show your customer base that you have expertise beyond your
individual services with informational e-newsletters. This is an easy way to give your
customers valuable information and also keep your business name fresh in their minds.
Offer early sign up promotions. If you own a snow removal company, offer discounts for people who sign up for your services in the off-season.
The same goes for summer services like mowing or landscaping.
Consider year-round billing. For seasonal services, spread out the cost over all 12 months. Not only does this offer more affordable
options for your clients, but it also keeps them as an ongoing customer. This o

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