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Looking for a cost-effective approach to online advertising? Google AdWords has the potential to be an exceptionally lucrative tool for your business, driving targeted traffic to your website from the most popular search engine on the web. If properly managed, it can also be exceptionally cost-effective; AdWords is a form of PPC (pay-per-click) advertising, which means that don’t pay for your adverts unless people are clicking on them.

Of course, like any advertising strategy, your PPC campaigns will have to be properly managed to ensure a good return on your investment. One cannot simply pour money into Google AdWords and expect to make a profit; campaigns must be researched, monitored, and fine-tuned to get the best possible results. And that’s where Yorty Designs come in – our PPC management experts are AdWords-qualified, which means that they know the platform inside-out. If you trust us with your AdWords campaigns, we won’t merely get you plenty of clicks; we’ll do everything we can to ensure that those clicks are turning into conversions.



We want to make sure that your ads are showing up for the keywords that matter. Before making a start on your AdWords campaign, our PPC management team will carry out exhaustive keyword research to find popular search terms that are both relevant to your business and reasonably easy to compete for without spending a fortune on each click.



Would you like to see your products in the ‘Shopping’ section of Google’s results page? We can make it happen – our PPC experts have an extensive knowledge of Google’s product listing ads, and we can help you to get your items prominently displayed in the shopping results without paying too much for the privilege.



Google AdWords is a very intelligent platform in that it can gauge the quality of your website to a certain extent. If your adverts link to irrelevant or low-quality landing pages, Google will force you to bid more for each of your keywords; our PPC experts work closely with our SEO team to ensure that your landing pages are suitable for the terms you’re targeting.



If you’ve ever visited a website and suddenly started seeing ads for that business on other sites, you already know about remarketing. Our PPC management specialists can design attractive remarketing adverts for your brand and use them to draw users back to your site so they can make the purchase they were considering previously.



When it’s time to create your campaigns, our AdWords management team will make sure that every advert is clearly worded, properly optimised, and pointed at a suitable landing page. We’ll also collaborate with you to prevent our bids from cutting too deeply into your profits – after all, you don’t want to pay more for a click than you’ll make from a sale!



We’ve seen a lot of self-proclaimed ‘PPC experts’ who don’t revisit their AdWords campaigns after setting them up. We know that PPC management is a continuous process, and we will monitor your campaigns closely, making tweaks and improvements where necessary and keeping you in the loop at all times.