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We are a medium size agency of enthusiastic, meticulous, inventive and energetic individuals who value service provision, integrity, ingenuity, quality, professionalism and time. We provide the best web design and development, marketing and search engine optimization (SEO) services to our revered customers including personal and corporate clients. The most notable yet ignored aspect of web design and marketing is creativity, participation and innovation, this is our ultimate area of strength. Yorty Designs Company guarantees all these services all under one roof curtsy of a sky team of designers, developers and thinkers. Our design is simple to follow, however, the functionality is complex to include all details with organized algorithm. We try to address all concerns and emerging questions during and after our interaction. We believe in business, that why everything we do is geared towards your success. It’s no secret that the way we trade has been changing over the years. These changes are so cruel that when you are left behind it will take year to catch up. These changes have been brought about by technological advancements and innovative population who always want to do things differently.

“Nothing is so fulfilling like doing what you love”. I was born and raised in Moscow, Russia. My dad was a movie director while my mom was a chief editor in a local TV channel, the job they have done religiously for ages now. I was lucky to come from such a background of creative family which shaped my destiny from childhood to who I am today. I grew up with a conviction for success, a feeling of independence and a lot passion for creative arts partly because I wanted to be like them and then I realized that’s me. From then I worked very hard to realize my dream and to please my family, furthermore I wanted to be like them. Later, I realized it’s all about me, my future and my fulfillment.

I went to school at a very young age and completed my primary and secondary education just like other normal kids. I joined the university to pursue a degree which opened my doors for my journalism master’s degree. While doing my master’s degree I got an opportunity to work with the largest Moscow Newspaper. This was like godsend opportunity for me because I was able to gain experience, industry insights and contacts. Soon after I got a job in a TV station as a special correspondent. I also got my associate degree in management. A little bit later, I earned my creative writing certificate in Pittsburgh.

My stint in the media was like an eye opener for me. Apart from education, experience and interaction I was able to realize and understand the problems businesses faced and possible remedies for them. So I decided to quit my job and start my own marketing agency. Everyone was like “what are you doing”, “do you have a plan and money”. Some were telling me it was so early and that business is not as easy as I thought. But I made a decision I will always be proud off, I decided to soldier on after all, with determination, conviction and the right altitude the destiny is success. It was not as easy though, I was able to whether tons of challenges on the way.

I modelled my agency to specialize in small business development. This turned out to be a logical step since it’s such a lucrative niche, all businesses begins as a small business anyway. As the proprietor of a marketing company I need to always stay at the top of my game. This is a very competitive field, a slight slumber you will be rendered archaic. I continue learning to constantly improve my skills, attend seminars to find new trends in marketing and in business overall. This led me to pursue certificates in photography, photo editing and advertising.

Looking back I appreciate where I have come from, what I have achieved while aiming even higher. The work I do give brings me happiness, joy and fulfilment seeing success of my clients. Given another chance, I will do the same.